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20140914 Mq 220x180mm dominance VS domination essai Doré

The topic is in the title: why choose dominance instead of domination?

Dominance as in zoology, but regarding human behaviour. As you may know, humans are still partially animals…

The angle is to present dominance as the best way to thwart domination’s actions.

The differences?

Dominance is passive / domination is aggressive
Dominance is mainly about assertiveness / domination is mainly about narcissism
Dominance is about mastership / domination is for manipulators
Dominance is about influence / domination is for control freaks

But the best is still to come: Why choose dominance instead of domination?
Because it’s kinder? It is, but it’s not the main argument
Because it’s moral? It is, but it’s not the main argument
Because it’s doing the right thing? It is, but it’s still not the main argument.
What the book intends to prove to you (among other things), is that it is mostly more efficient, as proven by human history.

In times of crises, as we know it nowadays, and probably for decades to come, the best path to success is cooperation and partnership.
“Greed is good” is simplistic and the “everyone for himself” approach is a dead end.

I would even say that this has always been an evolutionary dead end in natural selection for humans, and it’s still true in modern times.

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