The first time I read The Poodle-Prince

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The first time I read The Poodle-Prince, it was one of the many published in the 19th century, and which can still be bought for between €18 and €30 on (my own copy was printed by Editions Charpentier).

I found it hard going, but after five or ten pages, I understood why.

The problem lay in the typography, which was the same throughout the book, despite changes in the text’s structure and style.

In the 19th century, it was far too expensive to use more than one typeface on a single page, a practice only found in luxury editions.
However, the author of The Poodle-Prince changes format in the main text and in the dialogues, into which he inserts speeches and readings. Without the right layout, it’s easy to loose your way.

The new layout devised exclusively by STEGGOF-the publishers of recent editions leave the original layout untouched-allows you to enjoy the author’s style without having to ask yourself “Who’s talking now?” The new margins and typefaces make it obvious and intuitive.

This is why we would suggest that anyone thinking of buying the book should compare our version with others.

Ours is not only the best value for money, it is simply the best edition, which just goes to prove the old adage: You can pay more, but you will get less!

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